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Albania land sale , can foreigners buy and why

Albania land sale , can foreigners buy and why?

Albania land sale , foreigners can buy in our country!

The most common requests we receive from foreign clients during our everyday work, have been on apartments, hotels or bar/restaurants. Seldomly we have received requests on land lots.
Actually, purchasing land plots in Albania and invest in property in Albania would be a great idea, given the fact that the prices are very beneficial still.

The possibility to construct divides in two categories such as 1. For personal usage or 2. For business.

On the first category are personal villas, cottages, in short anything without aiming any income from it.
On the second category are all types of constructions such as hotels, hostels, bar/restaurants, condominiums. Anything built to produce income.
Despite the fact that the prices have already risen compared to years ago when buying land and constructing on it was probably the easiest and cheapest procedure.
Albania has suffered from the land occupation without permission and in many cases by forging the real owner’s documents.

Why to buy land in Albania?

In a developing country such as Albania, the opportunities are still available to be explored. There is still left to innovate and to produce. Rather than that, the salary is still less than most of the most developed European countries, so you are able to build your own factory and production line.
Our land is perfect even to cultivate plants of a variety of fruits and vegetables in order to export to countries in need of supply.
The land is very productive and the climate is absolutely in favor of that. Albania has nearly 300 sunny days, so you do the aftermath of the benefits.
Furthermore, we can assure you that the commission you will pay to a specialist who will help you find the proper land lot is very low. It
will be only 1% of the gross selling price, which is absolutely the lowest in the region. Furthermore, in Albania the cash payment method is still very common, which facilitates your procedure and you can choose on how to pay the agency and the property.

Can foreigners buy land in Albania?

Before was not allowed to foreign citizens to own land in Albanian territory, but since the law changed, anyone can buy and freely own a plot just like the Albanian citizens.

Perfect moment to buy land in Albania

Probably you might think which is the right season to buy a land lot? It depends on the purpose you are buying it for. In case you are willing to build a villa or a residency then there is no proper time, you can choose any time of the year. In case you are will to construct a beach complex, then it’s better to buy now to prepare for the next season. Anyways, we want to emphasize that in case you worry the weather conditions would interfere with during the construction procedure, let us tell you that Albania has nearly 300 sunny days. Nothing to worry about!
If the above information helped you somehow or shattered your fears of taking initiatives in countries besides your homeland, then take a look at our list of real estate Albania , land lots:

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If you are wondering how to buy land in Albania , just contact Homeland Real Estate and we will help you!