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Coronavirus in Albania! Coronavirus in Albania since the beginning of March 2020. This virus as recognized by the WHO (Sars-COVID-19). This world pandemic has stopped the whole chain of movements including work. We are no longer living in normalcy but in quarantine conditions exactly from coronavirus

How to calculate the property tax in Albania when selling a property ? This is the most frequent question we receive from the property owners during our daily work. Thus, below we will explain how to calculate the property tax in Albania when selling. We are

Albania land sale , foreigners can buy in our country! The most common requests we receive from foreign clients during our everyday work, have been on apartments, hotels or bar/restaurants. Seldomly we have received requests on land lots. Actually, purchasing land plots in Albania and invest in

Real estate prices Albania: Market in Tirana, referring to Albania state and to real estate market. Nowadays there is a complicated owner-client relationship regarding the offer-demand ratio in real estate prices Albania. First of all, with this recent internationalization of Albania, it is common that the property

Can foreigners buy property in Albania and why should they? We are counting down some reasons which we think are important: Legal facilities Compared to other countries in Europe, in Albania there are no legal restrictions that prevent you from owning property. The only key factor is to do

When we decide to sell our property in Albania, the first question that comes to our minds is, "Is it the right time or should I wait?". The same question applies to buyers. If we were to look at statistics, then we can admit that the

Often when we talk about vacations near the sea, we immediately think of South of Albania. It has become an absolute trend of passing your summer vacations in Dhermi, Jale, Himara or even at the amazing beaches of Saranda. Certainly, beyond the enjoyment of natural