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Halloween decor ideas


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Halloween decor ideas!

Want to attract a lot of people to your room with Halloween decor ideas or do you want to have fun with your kids by beautifying the house for this occasion?

Homeland Real Estate also gives you ideas on how to decorate!

We have found a fantastic and scary way at the same time with very few tools and very easy to accomplish.

Ideally, it’s fantastic even if you want to enjoy and extend creativity to your children.

Working tools:

1. Empty jars
2. Thick thread in black and orange color
3. Adhesive
4. Candles
5. Black plastic spiders

Take jars and around the outside, dye them with adhesive.
Place the thread around the jars.
Stick the spider from outside the jar to the thread.
Turn on the candle and put it inside the jar.
And here it is ready! You can do it with different colors and different shapes of jars and place them anywhere in your premises, in tables or on the ground.
They will resemble beautifully in the scary darkness of Halloween night.
Try and you and send us your photos to: info(at)homeland.al and we will post them on our site 😉