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Cmimet e pronave ne Tirane . Krahasimi cmim reference-tregu

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Real estate prices Albania : Market in Tirana

Real estate prices Albania: Market in Tirana, referring to Albania state and to real estate market.

Nowadays there is a complicated owner-client relationship regarding the offer-demand ratio in real estate prices Albania.
First of all, with this recent internationalization of Albania, it is common that the property price increases. The main concern is on how much should the owner refer to the state selling prices and those decided by the real estate market.

Factors to consider to choose your real estate price:

There are several factors that we must take into consideration before deciding on the price of a property, to make it as attractive as possible to the eyes of the customer.
1. The area in which the property locates
No matter how qualitative the property can be, if it locates in a low-density area, not a commercial one and with a low purchase demand, the price automatically drops.
2. Construction structure
If the property is in a preferred area, but it has an inappropriate structure and an unfavorable position, its price will decrease.
3. Facilities provided by the location
Accessible commercial areas normally affect the house pricing, by adding its value.
4. The investment in the property
It means that if we are dealing with an apartment or a commercial unit that in a 90s building, its value will increase if the investments are done the last few years and even more if it includes thermal insulation.
5. The floor
If the apartment is on the last floor, its value decreases due to technical reasons. The terrace demands a higher maintenance cost due to its depreciation time.
6. Year of construction
Apartments before the ’90s cost less compared to apartments of recent years because lack of elevator, devaluation of the building, typology of the apartment, the need for internal reconstruction and lack of external insulation system applied in new buildings.
Above you will find a list with the state referential prices of 2018-2019.

Real Estate prices Albania : market based

The list below includes the most required areas by clients with the respective market prices. Referring to the above data you will be able to compare the market and state prices, to properly evaluate later the value of your own property. The main tip from us is to follow a pure marketing-wise logic. Overpricing based on the affection you have for it, wouldn’t bring to anything else but an inability to sell.

By keeping in mind all of the above, let’s take a look at the market prices below:
1. Fresk: 400-500 Euro/m2
2. Yzberisht: 400-600 Euro/m2
3. Astir: 500-600 Euro/m2
4. Misto Mame: 450-600 Euro/m2
5. The Building of Arrows: 800-1000 Euro/m2
6. Former Nuclear Physics: 600-800 Euro/m2
7. The Military Hospital: 700-900 Euro/m2
8. Laprake: 700-900 Euro/m2
9. Don Bosko: 800-1000 Euro/m2
10. Durresi Street/Kavaja Street: 1200-1400 Euro/m2
11. Myslym Shyri” Street: 1300-1500 Euro/m2
12. Bllok: 1500-1800 Euro/m2
13. Wilson Square: 1200-1600 Euro/m2
14. Komuna e Parisit” Street: 900-1300 Euro/m2
15. Artistic Lyceum: new construction 1200-1400 Euro/m2
old construction
1000-1300 Euro/m2
16. Elbasani Street until “Ali Demi” Street: 900-1200 Euro/m2
17. Electric Mall until the beginning of Shkoza: 600-800 Euro/m2
18. After Shkoza: 400-600 Euro/m2
19. Brryli: 1000-1200 Euro/m2
20. “Zhan D’Ark” Boulevard: 1200-1400 Euro/m2
21. Medrese: 800-900 Euro/m2
22. “5 Maj” Street: 800-1000 Euro/m2
23. The Train Station: 800-1200 Euro/m2
24. “Siri Kodra” Street: 700-900 Euro/m2
25. Artifical Lake: 1500-1700 Euro/m2
26. Zoo / Botanical Garden: 1000-1200 Euro/m2
27. Dry Lake: 900- 1100 Euro/m2

However, we point out that the prices listed above are derived from the daily work of Homeland Real Estate, as internal statistics of our office. These are values ​​that change from moment to moment, as we know the market price makes the market itself.

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Contact us for these and many other real estate you may be interested in. We are also ready to answer any questions you have. Above all, you are welcome!