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Shengjini, destinacioni i ri i pushimeve

Shengjini, the new holiday destination of Albania!

Often when we talk about vacations near the sea, we immediately think of South of Albania. It has become an absolute trend of passing your summer vacations in Dhermi, Jale, Himara or even at the amazing beaches of Saranda. Certainly, beyond the enjoyment of natural beauty, there are also the problems we are all aware of. It happens to us to hear a friend or relative who, when he comes back from South, says: “The prices are stratospheric high,” or “The service was too bad,” or “The cooking was plenty of flaws” and many other similar complaints. Yet, they continue to frequent the “South” year after year to repeat the same complaints. Have you ever thought that Albania offers wonderful natural attractions in the north as well? Have you ever thought that Shengjin would be a not disappointing at all destination? Let’s talk about what the Shengjini beach offers and why we should look towards the “North”.

Geographical position and a little history on Shengjin

First of all, Shëngjini is geographically located in the North-West part of Albania. You may know very little from the history of this ancient city. Created 2400 years BC. The ancient name of Shëngjin was Nimfeu or said differently, the land of Fairies. It is also known for the great battle between Pompey and Caesar, where the second one described the port of the city as a perfect shelter for his soldiers, because of the isolation against the winds. Later, in the Middle Ages, Shëngjin would take the name Medua. The name we all know today is taken from a church of the same name, located on the Mountain of Shëngjin. Despite being a small town, with a little number of residents, it has historically been a strategic area, used for trade, including a harbor.

Shengjin nowadays

We move from ancient history to the present. Shëngjin has a substantial number of lagoons, which have a rich flora and fauna. This makes the area well-known for hunting and fishing. Also, the beaches are very clean, with warm water and isolated from winds. We can mention “Rana e Hedhun” for its crystal-clear water, and sand dunes that reach up to 60 m altitude, the largest in Europe. Although Albania has been affected over a number of years by a wave of improper construction, it seems that this aspect is changing. The new buildings have a sophisticated taste, closer to European style and nature-friendly. We can say for certain that the quality of the construction is superior to the past. Shëngjini also offers more safety on beaches, skillful service, and traditional dishes prepared with fresh products. The culinary art of the area is one of the favorites not only for locals but also for tourists.

Investing in Shengjin properties

Based on what we mentioned above, naturally, one question arises: Why should we spend more on crowded places, when we can do that on relaxing moments with our family or friends on a cleaner, cheaper and equally astonishing beach? Our advice would be to invest for weekends or long holidays in Shëngjin. You can also think well of investing in buying a property. The prices are quite benevolent and would allow you to spend your weekends by the sea, away from the daily stress the city routine causes. The infrastructure allows you to commute and drive as fast as you would to Durres (referring to the nearest seaside city we have). We should break the clichés, by looking beyond the obvious and discovering that Albania has amazing places to offer you, from the south to the north. To see what the real estate market of Shëngjin suggests, take a look at the properties for sale that our Real Estate office in Tirana offers. We assure you on something, the most important thing that you will invest is not in monetary terms, but also in your peace of soul.