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Why should we buy terrace apartments?

Do you recall the moment when you decide to take the big step and buy your own apartment? At that moment the biggest dilemmas are born together with your need to find the right answers for your and everyone you are sharing the apartment with. Of course, it’s not an investment that will last the the length of your summer vacations meaning that some criteria can’t be underestimated. How much am I willing to spend? What neighborhood am I willing to live? How big? One of the questions we make is also what floor? In this article we will give you 7 reasons to choose a terrace apartment, besides the myth that those are not the right choice. On the contrary!

1. Security

We all have been told a story of a certain crime such as burglary or assault at low floor apartments, but how many similar stories have we heard on terrace or top floor? By choosing the top floors, you offer more security to you and your family.

2. Opportunity to build more space

If you buy a 2+1 and during the years feel the need for more space, then by getting the permission of 80 % of your neighbors attached to that of the municipality, you can modify it to a 3+1 or more. Visionary investment isn’t it?

3. The view

Those breathtaking afternoons while the sun sets down, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the view of the city, mountains or green areas are priceless. None of the lower floors will give you this view, contrariwise, limits you on the facade of the building in front of your balcony, the yard or even worse, the window of your neighbor (might even be the toilet’s window).

4. The lighting

By owning a top floor apartment, you make sure that the natural light will brighten every room and corner of your house. There is no possibility that apartments on the top floor are dark, which will also save energy, because you will turn your lights on very late as well as you will need less heating as the sun will do so for free.

5. Privacy

Most probably at the last floor will be no neighbors, only your apartment avoiding this way the crowded mornings waiting for the elevator to come.

6. Quietude

Do you have in mind the noises of the apartment above yours such as; heel’s clack, running kids, animal paws any time of the day or similar noises? A last floor apartment will take away this headache. Furthermore you will hear the sound of the surroundings with less intensity compared to bottom floors.

7. Insects

During summer our main concern has one name: Mosquitos! An apartment at the top floor will release you from the disturbance of an army of insects that suddenly will invade your space, forcing you to sleep with a spray near your bed, ready to attack at any moment.

I believe that the information we wrote above will help somehow to make the right choice, or to quench any little dilemma you might have had so far. See you again with other suggestions or advices. At the meantime don’t forget to navigate through our page and to ask anytime you might need us.